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Japanese Nationality

If I try to figure out characteristic of Japanese nationality with simple word, it will be well expressed in 'perfectionism'. Owing to this unparalleled perfectionism, the current financial power has been established by manufacturing perfect product. Once something was invented somewhere in the world, its improved product (better quality) could be made in Japan. In this way, this perfectionism has contributed the current prosperity.
On the other hand, this perfectionism has affected Japan negatively too. Japanese people are used to perfect service, and tend to blame imperfection materially and humanly. And they tend to blame themselves from time to time. Forgetting to appreciate others and every existence, they tend to accuse somebody and something.
But as we know, as long as we are human, there is no perfection. The perfect existence is only god. What we need to do is to accept ourselves as imperfect existence.
Admitting our own incompleteness, we should accept the incompleteness of others. Our environments were made by human, but the human is incomplete. How can we expect the environments is complete? Let's cease complaining our environments and others.
We need to appreciate the existing people and environments around us, instead of looking for perfect substitute of them.


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