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Consolidate medical institutions in Japan

In connection with JAL's financial crisis, the necessity of many airports has been questioned in Japan. Basically, there is at least one airport in a prefecture in Japan. Most of the usage of the airports are commercial flights by air carrier (mainly JAL and ANA). It has been financial burden for local governments to sustain the airports.
On the other hand, the sustainability of many public hospitals has been also questioned. Especially, the hospitals managed by local governments are greatly challenged from financial standpoint. But almost all community residents want to keep the hospitals as it is, in other words, they want to have fully-equipped medical facility at hand. Though relatively fortunate medical accessibility in Japan has contributed to raise the level of public health to the first class in the world, it has caused to scatter the medical resource and patients. Consequently, the medical level couldn't reach the state-of-art level, because of the lack of sufficient patient number at each hospital.
Considering these two different problem together, I would like to propose 1) renovate prefectural airport into a fully-equipped medical facility with vast heliports, 2) downgrade local hospitals into clinics with heliport.
This will be seemingly stupid idea. But the airports will already have convenient access of public transportation to the site and vast facility of aviation. In this way, severely-diseased patients would be promptly transferred to advanced medical facility by helicopters, minimally sacrificing medical access. Rather it might be able to guarantee the state-of-art medicine to the community residents. I hope the financial burden of local governments could be collectively within almost same level, except for the initial reorganization cost.


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ところで今後のご予定は?そろそろ次のactionの時期では? :-)

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