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Different surname between husband and wife

In Japan, there has been a discussion on whether different surname between husband and wife should be allowed or not.
The main opposition to this different surname appears to attribute to a fear that it will challenge social order, because they think the core idea of family will be damaged.
The Japanese society still has paternalism in which father is the chief of the family.
I understand the concern of the opposing people, but I think what Japanese society need now is the capability to accommodate diversified people. The country will not survive in long term with such a inflexible society. In other words, monolithic idea just expels many diversified people including talented ones. It is about time for the society to be tolerable to diversified ideas.
We should be aware of a very simple scientific principle; most diversified species has the most highest likelihood to survive in long term. Monolithic species is fated to become extinct someday in the future. The circumstances cannot be unchanged in long term, monolithic species cannot catch up the change.


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